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SDSB was formed when I (Sam) invited Joe and George to learn and record a set of original song in preparation for my 25th wedding anniversary to Bernadette. The result was the “254US” CD released in 2008. This CD included seven songs reflecting events, feelings and joy experienced over the 25 years. Much of which Joe and George had been a part of.

Because we had so much fun, we did the “Breakfast on the Deck” CD in 2010. This project has a collection of ten songs contemplating love, life and relationships. Songs from both of those CDs remain in our set list.

Our most recent project, “Americana the Way I Wanna” was released December 2nd, 2023 and is available on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, I Heart Radio, YouTube and more! We are proud of our stance of ‘Letting the music go where it wants to‘ in terms of genre, just like our rock hero’s of the 1970’s were able to do!

Our classic rock influence and desire to entertain an audience pushes us to ‘put on a show’ and ‘give it all we’ve got’ at each performance. An SDSB show is usually three sets of covers and our multi-genre originals selected to move people through the many layers of our musical interest. While never really swaying from our classic rock roots, you will here Stones to Ramones, Stevie Ray Vaughan to Joe Cooker, Elvis, Beatles, Bad Co, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, Chuck Berry, Cream and many more. You will be moved!!!

Meet the Band …..

– Sam on Guitar and Vocals

– Joe on Drums and Vocals

– George on Bass and Vocals

San Diego Sam Band